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AMC Employee Of the Month

AMC SNF is taking this opportunity to recognize Denny Hoffman. Denny is being recognized because he “goes the extra mile” in the care he gives the residents at SNF. “He crows in the morning to the residents, and they just love it!”

Denny works in the dietary department and over the years of service at AMC he is well known for his rooster crow. As the dietary staff enters the dining room to prepare for the breakfast pass, Denny is known to “crow” like a rooster. He brings a smile to the resident’s face. The employees enjoy it too.

As the cook, Denny makes a special effort to prepare food the people like. He “does the best he can to make a pureed hotdog look good.” He makes an effort to prepare the meal noting color and arrangement. He is always pleasant and cheerful, “he is a cook with a smile.”

In any situation, Denny does not hesitate to go out of his way to do extra things that will make meal time or any time special. He is all around a pleasure to the employees and residents.

Thank you Denny, we appreciate your positive attitude and know you will be rewarded for “going the extra mile.”

SNF "Employee of the month" is recommended by residents, family, or fellow coworkers. Please submit the name of an employee you would like to recognize. The subimssion box is in the hallway as you enter the SNF. Please include your name and why this person should be recognized.
Jackie Klipfel RN, Director of Nursing


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